Register – Get Informed – Vote For Change

ImageImageNow that the Democrat and Republican conventions are over, we have less than 60 days left before American citizens elect the next President and Vice President. Given the anti-gay and anti-choice stance of the McCain-Palin campaign, the choice seems incredibly clear who we need to elect to salvage the country from the disastrous Republican administrations. That choice is Obama-Biden. Now, more than ever, it’s vital for Americans to register to vote and to take part in the process. The following links will allow you access to determine your registration status and to register online if need be. You can also learn about the only truly American candidates in the race, Barack Obama and Joseph Biden.

Visit Vote For Change, sponsored by the campaign of Barack Obama,  to get answers to any voting questions you might have. Find out if you are registered to vote, how to register to vote publically or absentee, even find voting locations. Visit Meet Barack Obama to find out about the Presidential candidate. Visit  Meet Joe Biden for information on the Vice Presidential candidate. Visit  the Issues page to learn about Obama and Biden’s stand on all the issues. Spread the word by Inviting Your Friends to join the movement for change in America.


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