Review of Fresno LGBTQ @ Miso Sushi

Image Do you have a fear of singing in public? Or standing in front of a crowd and being embarrassed? Then you have an overwhelming rush of courage from a group of strangers cheering you on! Well this was the part of our Miso event! Sushi, karaoke, and a group of fun diverse strangers in a room. We were not strangers for long. Everyone was intertwining in different conversations and eating tasty treats. Due to the large number of us, our service was a little slow. But our servers were extremely sweet and trying very hard to accommodate to us.

We had two main events, besides engaging in all the diverse friends in the room, was karaoke and the adorable children in the room. Melanie and Stephanie’s daughter looked like she was having a play date with Chris and Kat’s daughter. They were jewels in a crowd of rocks. Everyone seemed to flock to them, even the Miso staff.

Within minutes after the arrival of our last members, we got down with the karaoke fun! We had a little trouble with the machine, but Jason and another member quickly fixed that. (Fate seems not to stop our party time.) Our first member was excellent! The machine even rated them. All of our courageous warriors received scores all over 84 points! Even the shyest members of our group sung beautifully with a little encouragement. Not all of us had the courage to sing, but was extremely excited when the members that sang went up. There was even backup singing going on. Our most entertaining group member was little preteen boy that rocked the mic hard! He was singing and dancing without any reservations.

Over this entire event was full of fun excitement and we all made new friends. Miso was a great restaurant and promised next time to have more staff to accommodate to us. They even let us stay past closing time to sing and have fun. At the end of our night, the staff made us a little thank you as a gift for our patronage. It was a beautifully carved orange in a ladybug and bear shapes.

Thank you all for coming and thank you Miso for having us. I hope that we can see more members at our next events. Thank you to Jason and Leah for organizing this event.

~Monique Parra

See more photos on our site and be sure to catch us out again on April 10th for roller skating at Cal Skate!

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