Shooting at Family Research Council

frc-shootingA security guard at the D.C. headquarters of the Family Research Council, the ultraconservative anti-gay Christian lobbying group, was shot today by an unnamed gunman.

“The police are investigating this incident,” FRC president Tony Perkins said in a statement. “Our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today. Our concern is for him and his family.”

According to police, the shooter was confronted by security upon entering the lobby at 10:45am and proceeded to open fire, wounding a guard in the left arm. The suspect was then tackled and taken into custody.

The FRC opposes gay marriage and abortion, and “champions marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society. Fox News reports that the shooter ”made statements regarding [FRC] policies” before opening fire—and a Wikipedia entry claims he told guards, “Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for”—but there’s no indication the shooter was gay or a supporter of gay rights.

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