Shop, Swipe, Support!

Have you ever thought “Gee, I want to support Gay Central Valley or Gay Fresno, but I just don’t have any extra money…”?

It is understandable, after all, the economy is still circling the drain, unemployment in Fresno is hovering around 20%, and as many of our local supporters and college students on tight budgets can attest to, it can be hard to donate money, even to causes you feel passionate about.


Do you shop at Savemart or Food Maxx? Did you know that they will donate 3% of your shopping bill to Gay Central Valley if you swipe your SHARES card before you pay?

It costs you nothing, all you do is swipe the card (which is free to get) before you pay and the store will do the donation automatically.

Again, the cost to you: Nothing

Potential donations to Gay Central Valley: Well, that depends on how much you buy, but the point is, there is no cap and it is a quick and easy way to support the organization. Every little bit helps.

You can pick up a SHARES card at the Fresno LGBT Community Center (1055 Van Ness Ave Suite C, Fresno CA 93728) during business hours, call 559-325-4429.

Pretty nifty eh?



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