SURVEY: Let Your Voice Be Heard

In addition to our previous post regarding the lack of holistic research on Fresno’s LGBTQ community and the issues they face, LGBT Fresno is proud to announce our release of a survey. The goal of the survey is to get a broader idea of the LGBTQ community in Fresno’s main concerns and how researchers and activists alike can work together to create a more equal world.

We truly hope all Fresno residents will consider filling out the survey. For those who do so, you will have a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Please find the form here:

Thank you and we hope to release a report that summarizes our findings soon!


  • Shrey Raju

    Shrey Raju is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. With a passion for politics, philosophy, and LGBTQ+ activism, Shrey aims to effect change through his writing, keeping people informed on current issues and igniting conversations to inspire change. Outside of the organization, he is also an avid debater, researcher, and advocate at his local school.

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