The Central Valley Business Incubator: The Valley’s untapped resource

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Starting a business is more than just people wanting to turn their passion into profit. Starting a business can be a long complex process, but luckily we have an organization right here in the Valley that can help new entrepreneurs get a jump start.

iThe Central Valley Business Incubator (CVBI) is a public and privately owned organization that creates a community where entrepreneurs can learn how to balance their vision with the structure of running a successful business. This nonprofit organization was created in 1996, and was started to encourage economic development through entrepreneurship in the
Central Valley. Its vision is to be the most powerful force in the Valley in advancing economic development. The CVBI has worked with more than 3,400 entrepreneurs who have earned more than $14.5 million in capital and created 2,030 direct, verifiable new jobs for
Central Californians. And to think all of this has been going on in the Valley for over ten years and we had no idea about it!

 The CVBI launching pad, located on Cedar and Shaw

, is where the new entrepreneurs build their companies. The launching pad provides administrative offices, a conference room, and a training classroom for the members. The members of CVBI are given access to these facilities in order to carryout many necessary tasks to get their new business off the ground and running. There are five on-site members that use the administrative offices daily, and there are 35 virtual members that use the CVBI’s resources as needed. Some of these resources include Entrepreneurial Training Process (ETP) classes and other business development courses. The CVBI also has various community meetings and events in its classroom that feature an interactive SMART Board. CVBI members can use these and other resources while developing their business with the help of CVBI. The CVBI hosts seminars to help new business owners further develop the skills necessary to run a successful business. Each seminar also keeps the entrepreneurs updated on recent changes in the business world. The people attending these classes will always be a step ahead of the people who do not have access to these particular resources. Coming up on August 6th, the CVBI is hosting a Business Fundamental Seminar titled: Using Organizational Politics Effectively, and nonmembers may attend. The CVBI also has a monthly newsletter that is sent out to all of the local media channels in the surrounding four counties. To sign up for the CVBI newsletter or for the upcoming seminar, go to the CVBI website:



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