The Crystal Show – October 17th

ImageThe Crystal Show, a cultural event featuring local artists, musicians  and guest speakers dedicated to addressing the problems of crystal meth and other drugs in our community will take place on October 17th, from 5-9PM, at the Banker’s Ballroom in the Pacific Towers, at 1060 Fulton Mall Google Maps Link  

Presenters: John Tull, Fresno Falcons CEO  / Margaret Mims, Sheriff  / Jerry Dyer, Chief of Police / Dot Powell, Editor of Salt Magazine / Brent Brooks, Artist / Jeff Eben, Deputy Mayor / Henry T. Perea, Councilmember and Mayoral Candidate / Ashley Swearengin, Mayoral Candidate

Exhibiting Artists: Dora Mora / Dennis Montejano / Edward Marouk / Richard Espinoza / Mike McGarvin / Arcelia Pereschica / Richard Silva / Dixie Salazar / Denise Stover / Inez Tilden / Robert Levine Ph.D. / Artists of the Chris Sorensen Studio / Gloria Nazzaretta  / Samantha Canales and The Muralistics / Brent Brooks / Cynthia Chapman Manuszak

Visit the website for The Crystal Show here: DearCrystalMeth.Com


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