The Firecreackers Spring 2005

Here we go, it is almost Spring and it is time for SOFTBALL…….let’s get it started! Find out more about the fabulous FIRECRACKERS….

Ladies and Gentlemen…I present to you………………………….

The Firecrackers

The Firecrackers are a recreational slow-pitch softball team. We consist of 12 beautiful women and 2 handsome men. Every Friday night starting March 11th until May 6th,  we will be playing our hearts out at Einstein Park, (Millbrook and Dakota) field #1.  We are competing against teams who will have the minimum amount of females on their team. It’ll be a bit of estrogen vs. testosterone, penis vs. the vagina. Please come and support us. Our schedule can be found on the calendar.

Our fabulous roster consists of:
Becki, Brandy, Amy, Anina, Robin, Kathy, Lisa, another Lisa, Elinor, Sara, Leslie, Carla, and our lovely Baltimore and Robert.

We would love and appreciate to see you in the stands.

Wish us luck!

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