Trans-e-motion benefit: Gong Show!

         This is not your usual show! Anyone can enter. Anyone can win. Show us your talent (even if you shouldn’t)! Can you do something no one else can? Can you sing, dance, recite poetry or do a skit? Bring it on! This is a contest. That means there will be a winner and a prize. It only costs $1.00 to enter.

          You can expect to have a great time on August 29th at The Den, 4538 E. Belmont. There will be a Beer Bust that will begin at
and sadly end at
. Dinner will be available for a small fee of $5.00 and it will be served at
. The show will start at
. Want to get even with someone? Pay $5.00 and have them put on stage. They will either have to perform, stand in front of everyone’s taunting for 1 minute, or pay $2.00 to get out of it. Bring your friends.

          Trans-e-motion is sponsoring this FUNDRAISER to help raise money for their primary event: an art show held on November 20th, National Transgender Day of Remembrance. Your generosity at this event will help ensure the success of the art show at which there is never a fee. The November art show is open to all ages and is intended to educate the public about the lives, experiences, feelings and struggles of Transgender people. So come and enjoy! Have a great time and help a great cause.


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