VIDEO: More Global Pride Videos 2011


Check out some of the party outside the Stonewall Inn after same sex marriage was legalized in New York…when huge groups sang “Going To The Chapel” …here’s some video of Napoli Gay Pride…some boys and girls shaking it up at Pride in Lyon, France…and it was a beautiful day for Gay Pride in Paris…you can get an idea of just how big Paris Pride is by watching this…here’s some major coverage of Portland Gay Pride…here’s some reaction to Tracy Morgan’s rant at L.A. Pride…huge crowds came out for Pride in Columbus Ohio…here’s a wild and well lit drag performance of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” by Demi Whore from Pride in Dublin…followed by another over the top performance by the same drag queen…take a look at some fabulous HD Video from Pride in Toulouse (see how much better video is when it’s not from a crappy cell phone?)…here’s an excellent video of Long Beach Gay Pride with some great commentary…there’s come very colorful video from Pride in Angers…here’s a great Lady GaGa Drag Performance from another very colorful Gay Pride celebrationDenver Gay Pride faced some rain this year as well…check out the boys on the Hombre’s Lounge Float in Jackson Heights, NY…where there were also some awesome cheerleaders…it was pretty overcast for Pride in Ft Lauderdale Florida…check out Pride in Louisville…and here’s a montage from L.A. Pride


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