Weekly Round Up for Friday September 23rd 2011.

Happy Friday!

The biggest news of the past week is of course the end of DADT! Gayness in the military is here… and so far the world hasn’t ended. Well, okay, REM’s world has ended as we knew it , but I digress. Also this week, the autumnal equinox. Are you looking forward to shorter days? Halloween? Christmas is only about twelve weeks away!

But before that, this weekend the Survivors of Suicide Loss Walk and Festival will be held in Woodward Park … and in Visalia, Family Fest ! Hope to see you there! And then on Tuesday, the Health Awareness Event at the LGBT Community Center!

Ok, but the demise of DADT wasn’t the only thing that happened this week… .. GLEE returned! And, yes, there were other pieces of news as well…

Briton still has. a long way to go for gay equality A new report released this week in Briton says that only 45% of Britons support gay marriage.

Micah Jesse joined the No8te Campaign this week.

Legislation was introduced on Thursday in both chambers of Congress that would . amend existing federal law to protect LGBT people in the housing and credit markets

About 100 black LGBT leaders and activists from across the country were participating this week in a series of meetings and events in D.C. associated with the National Black Justice Coalition’s Second Annual Out on the Hill Black LGBT Leadership Summit 

Some harsh, but understandable, reactions to the misuse of quotations marks over the word transgender in a Daily Mail article last week.

Thanks to the end of DADT, gay and lesbians can serve in the military… but transgendered folk are still deemed unfit.

A very cool article about the Broadway play “8” that features actual snippets from the Prop 8 trial.

Two employees from two Southern California school districts are alleging antigay discrimination on the part of their employers.

It makes a certain amount of sense, but still nice to read… The Fonz loves his gay fans and Lady Gaga!

Gamers might be the key to new AIDS research!

Kudos to Google for telling Rick Santorum to get over it (his objections to the frothy mix search results). Read about it here

And lastly… not related but too funny to skip, especially with all the overblown hoopla with the recent Facebook changes (honestly, if Facebook changes are your biggest problem, you need to look around.) here is a great video that asks, “What if computer problems were actual problems?”

That’s it for me, have a fun and safe weekend!


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