Weekly Round Up for July 1, 2011

Happy Friday!

Pride month is over… welcome to July! Month of fireworks! And speaking of fireworks, (and not the Katy Perry exploding boobs (!) sort of fireworks…) Don’t forget to buy your excuses for rampant flaming at the Gay Central Valley Fireworks stand at Palm and Olive. Come by and visit!

But before you go out and buy dangerous (and yet oh so fun) ways to celebrate your patriotism, here are a few notes about this week’s news.

The big story actually broke last Friday when New York became the seventh territory (6 states and the DC) to allow same sex couples the right to marry. Yay!

The same sex couple involved in that bankruptcy case you might remember from a while back, has decided to put the case on track to be heard by the Supreme Court in 2012.

Lil B’s new album “I’m Gay” dropped on Wednesday night. The album doesn’t actually deal with homosexuality at all.

Maine: Back in 2009 the legislature passed a same sex marriage law which was repealed by the voters. Now, the fight has a new chapter as gay rights activists are gearing up to place a law allowing same sex marriage back on the Maine ballot for 2012.

Good news for same sex couples who might not both be America citizens… deportation proceedings have dropped in this case and while it does not set legal precedence, it does indicate a change in climate.

Rhode Island passed a Civil Unions law that has many in the LGBT community displeased . The law allows for religious based organizations (like a Catholic hospital) to ignore the union of same sex couples (like deny partners visitation rights).

California: The Fair Education Act has passed out of the State Senate and is now headed to the State Assembly. The bill would require that roles and contributions of LGBT Americans, like other traditionally overlooked groups, be included in school curriculum. Despite resistance, the bill is seen as likely to become law, making CA the first state to have such mandates.

And lastly, in honor of NY and same sex marriage…. I give you this classic Sex With Ducks.

That’s all for me… have a fun, and safe –stay in the shade!-, weekend!


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