Weekly Round Up September 16, 2011

Happy Friday!

Are you fully entrenched in Reel Pride? If yes, then you might understand why I am a bit sleepy this morning. If no… well why not? Check out the schedule!

Tomorrow, if you aren’t watching film after film, feel free to join us in Modesto to support the Stanislaus Pride Foundation with their family oriented Pride Festival

But in the mean time, let’s look at some of the news and notes for this week.

Gay rights activist Arthur Evans died this week at age 68.

Residents of North Carolina will get the chance to vote in May on a constitutional amendment that would bar same sex marriage and also bar the state from sanctioning civil unions.

The white House had a briefing yesterday to discuss that North Carolina anti same-sex marriage amendment and also DADT. Read more about it here.

Not all that surprising, but still nice to know, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood all support gay marriage.

Also not a big shock with this bit of news… The GOP debate that took place on Monday night was. absent any real discussion of LGBT issues

But here is a twist… Former Dick Cheney and his wife were on The View this week and came out in support of gay marriage. No more silence from these two!  Serriously!

As I’m sure you saw on our blog yesterday, there is going to be a gay wedding in the Archie Comics!

Gay Marriage is in danger in New Hampshire … a new bill has been proposed that would repeal the current law moving same sex unions out of the “marriage” box and back into the “civil union” box.

Australian citizens now have another choice in terms of how to label their gender on their passports. The inclusion of a “Indeterminate” choice is seen by many as a great step forward in transgender equality.

Britan’s Channel 4 will be showing a documentary about the trials and tribulations faced by the transgendered community this fall. The working title of this multi episode series which will follow sever transgendered people as they undergo surgery and major lifestyle changes is “Boys will Be Girls and Girls Will Be Boys.”

And lastly, in honor of the Reel Pride Festival going on right now, I thought it might be fun to look at AfterElton’s list of the 50 Greatest Gay Movies.

(Also, what a great list to use as we start to plan a movie night at the Community Center…..)

Here’s a tease…

That’s all for me. Have a fun, and safe, weekend!


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