Yes On 8 Campaign Faces Retribution From Parents

ImageThe campaign supporting the passage of Prop 8 have used children in their TV ads without permission of the parents. On top of that, the parents are vehemently opposed to the passage of Prop 8 and are demanding the ads be taken off the air. It’s a disgusting manipulation by the Vote Yes On 8 campaign which claims to be supportive of families while at the same time prostituting those families against their wishes. Added to the blatant lies which inhabit their rhetoric, it reveals again just how far prejudiced, bigoted and closed minded Americans will go to sway voters in order to restrict the civil rights of their fellow Americans.

SACRAMENTO – The parents of the two children most prominently featured in the latest multi-million dollar Prop 8 political spot today termed those ads “distasteful and exploitative” and demanded that the ads be taken off the air immediately. Click on the following link for the story and video…  Outraged Parents Demand Justice

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