Another Young Death From Prescription Drugs

How many prescribed drugs do you take every day? How many do those around you take?

Another young person had apparently overdosed, this time on Oxycontin. The gay producer of the “Narnia” films, age 39, was found dead…

The executive producer of the “Chronicles of Narnia” trilogy was found dead in his SoHo apartment on Thursday after an apparent overdose, sources said.

Perry Moore, 39, was found unconscious in the bathroom at about 9:30 a.m. by his partner, Hunter Hill, inside the W. Houston St. home they shared, the sources said.

Deaths due to prescribed drugs are well over 100,000 per year, and reporting is sketchy. Given that around 40% of children are now on drugs for things as ridiculous as ADD, maybe it’s time for Americans to stop having tunnel vision and look in their own medicine cabinets. As much as people get riled up over drunk driving, those statistics, anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 depending on where you look, are less than half the death rate of prescription drugs. But hey, we simply can’t accept depression, can we?



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