FACEBOOK Expands Relationship Status

Facebook has added some details to their profile details that are of interest to the LGBT community. Now, under relationship status you can enter IN A CIVIL UNION or IN A DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP.

UPDATE: I listen to Michelangelo Signorile, but let’s face it, he’s often way off the mark. Today he’s ranting about whether this Facebook update is a good thing or not, that maybe it’s just highlighting the inequity in society and is therefore a bad thing. Many in the LGBT community, as has become the case, cannot be pleased with anything and are labeling these new options as some support of the civil inequity of LGBT Americans. Wow. Signorile is even saying that most LGBT people who are simply living together have already checked “married” and why not, since married isn’t a legal term, not like civil union. What exactly is he smoking? If it’s not a legal term, what are we fighting for?


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