Hello everybody! Today I will be reviewing the Disney and Pixar movie, Elemental. Elemental is about a world where different elements interact in the world like regular people in a place called Element City.

You’ve got your water, air, fire, and earth elementals. Sometimes they mix well and sometimes they don’t. Everyone kind of has their own neighborhoods but they live, work, commute, and play together. Elemental follows a fire element, named Ember, and a water element, Wade. Ember has been being trained to take over her father’s shop “when she is ready” as her father keeps saying. The only problem she seems to have is her temper with customers. It can get a little, well, fiery. Ember is working so hard to prove to her father that she is ready and make him proud, but she never seems to be ready for her father. She gets down on herself for not living up to her father’s expectations of her. But is it really her dream to take over her father’s business? When she takes a moment to herself, she loses her temper and bursts the pipes in the shop.

Due to a leak, this causes water to rush in, which as you can imagine is very bad for fire elements. Flowing in through the pipes is Wade, a city inspector. He sees how much is not in code in Ember’s father’s shop and feels compelled to write her up for numerous citations, though he feels bad and really doesn’t want to. An internal struggle to give her a break and do his job properly. This causes Ember to panic. If the city sees all the code violations, her father’s shop will be shut down. And that’s his dream. What he worked so hard to create. Ember knows it would destroy him.

The movie involves Ember and Wade running around trying everything they can to have the violations dismissed by the city. In the process, they inadvertently begin spending a lot of time together. And they start to spark. But how can a water element and a fire element be together? They cancel each other out. It could never work. Or could it?

At the heart of the movie, Elemental is an immigration story, a love story about fighting against all odds, and a movie about really finding out who you are and what you want. Will Ember take over her father’s shop? Or will it get shut down by the city? Will Ember and Wade find a way to make their love work out? What does Ember really want out of life?

Everyone loves a good happy ending movie. Especially when it comes to Disney movies. People generally expect there to be a happy ending if it’s Disney. This movie is just all around relatable to so many people and so many walks of life. It reminds me of The United States of America. So many different people of different backgrounds all merging in their daily lives. Learning to live and work and play together. Not everyone mixes well with others, and some get along great. And who doesn’t grow up at some point in their lives wanting to live up to their parents’ dreams for them? Make them proud.

Elemental is a feel-good movie for the whole family to enjoy. I would watch it again and again. I give Elemental a 9/10. And I really hope that someday there will be a sequel, or at least a short, so we can see what happens afterwards with Ember. Elemental is currently in theatres.


  • Raven DeVault

    Raven De Vault resides in Fresno, CA with her fiancé. She is polyamorous, and currently describes herself as a nonbinary/trans masculine lesbian. Raven is comfortable with any pronouns (she/her, he/him, and they/them). Raven enjoys singing in the Opera Workshop at Fresno City College. Her passions include singing, reading, and watching a good movie or TV show. Horror and Disney movies are Raven’s favorites. Over the years she has collected numerous college degrees. Those degrees include child development, psychology, and social sciences. She is currently pursuing degrees in cultural studies, women and gender studies, as well as a music degree in vocal performance at Fresno City College.

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