Troye Sivan “Rush”-es to Stardom

Released on July 13, Australian singer/songwriter Troye Sivan’s latest debut, “Rush,” has been a key topic of controversy.

Embracing hedonism and sexuality, the song is the perfect summer bop–and it shows on the charts! Reaching #3 on “Top Songs | Debut Global” at one point, Sivan has hit a new height in his popularity.

The music video represents a shameless portrayal of queer ecstasy, working to destigmatize stereotypes regarding gay culture. Yet, critics claim that there is also a lack of diversity in body type, with the majority of dancers being skinny, white males.

“I definitely hear the critique,” he said. “To be honest, it just wasn’t a thought we had.”

Sivan exclaimed that the song was not a statement on the proper body type, but meant to convey a “feeling of kissing a sweaty stranger on a dance floor, a two-hour date that turned into a weekend, a crush, a winter, a summer.” It is a reflection of his own personal experiences.

“Rush” is the lead single of Sivan’s upcoming album, “Something to Give Us.” It seems likely that he will account for diversity in body types for upcoming music videos, as one can see in his recent Instagram posts with pictures from the scenes and parties. “I think that everyone’s body is as beautiful as it is…and it just sucks to see people talking about other people’s bodies.”


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