GOAL of California Expands membership

The Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) of California’s executive board and membership have unanimously opened its membership to include not only Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Law Enforcement Personnel, now will allow membership to all Public Emergency Service Personnel and Military personnel Active or Retired living or stationed in Central California.
GOAL of California is a mirror Fraternal Organization started in New York by Officers who dealt with harassment, hazing, discrimination and discipline actions against the GLBT Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel working for the City of New York.
GOAL differs from the Golden State Peace Officer’s Association in that, this is a local organization, with funds and events staying here in the Central Valley.  Currently membership into the GSPOA will send funds to the Los Angeles Area, with members having to travel for meetings and events to L.A. 
GOAL was started here by members of GSPOA and other Law Enforcement members on December 7, 2005.  Membership is $30.00 for the year.
Opening membership to all public emergency employees is very unique for an organization.  However, "We here in Central California have a unique situation, in that this area, dubbed the Bible Belt of California, did not have resources available to emergency services personnel that would deal with harassment’s, hazing, discrimination, or discipline due to someones sexual orientation." Stated Interim President L. Flores.  "Departments cover up their actions with Policy’s and Procedures.  We have departments still asking officers their sexual preference during internal investigations, which although these investigations are to be confidential, still make their way into the work place causing issues for the officer.  Firefighters who live amongst each other during a shift really have to hide their orientation.  We are in a "Don’t Ask Don’t Tell" environment. This being similar to the military’s policy is why we have also included the Military.  Currently member of the Military do not have a social outlet, or support.  The Service members legal defense network or SLDN is set up to raise money and focus on congressional matters, and to assist military personnel facing discharge.  It does not offer any other services."

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