Olberman Almighty

Keith Olberman, over at MSNBC, is a true American. He chooses, regardless of public sentiment, to instigate controversial political dialogue.  Most importantly, he isn’t a partisan thinker, he operates from facts and presents them as evidence in order to call to task the management of this country by an inept administration. True Americans, usually not those waving the little flags, believe that the rights of American citizens are more than speeches and talking points.

Unfortunately, the conservative party in America has chosen to ignore the founding principals of this country, while at the same time waving that little red white and blue flag and placing their hands over their “hearts” to pledge to our flag. Not only do they criticize fundamentally American organizations such as the ACLU , but they are responsible for blocking equal civil rights from millions of Americans, and every day it seems they come with other methods to do more harm.
This current President, under his usual guise of “protecting” us from the evil in the world, recently singed into law the Military Commissions Act of 2006. While the small amount of news coverage it received led us all to believe that this was about the interrogation of military prisoners, in fact it’s far more heinous. This new bill goes beyond the framework of merely letting our highest government officials define “torture” for themselves, which is in itself unbelievable, it grants our officials the ultimate power of declaring anyone a danger to American security and allows them to literally pick up those they disagree with and lock them away without so much as a reason or an explanation. Habeas Corpus is what we’re talking about here, the end of it that is. Habeas Corpus protects us from unlawful imprisonment. GW signed those rights away, with the help of a Republican controlled congress.

No one has summarized this unthinkable act better than Keith Olberman. Check out this video of the Special Commentary by Olberman, titled The Beginning Of The End, in which he explains what happened and takes GW to task for it. This is an example of how we should all be speaking out in this country. Not even I could predict conservatives going this far, although they just can’t seem to get dirty enough.

With an election coming upon us on November 7th, we need to be aware of how far conservatives are now willing to go and we need to stand up as a nation and stop them.


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