Political Tools (Get Out & VOTE!)

An election is approaching, on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006. While we can’t vote to abolish the current administration at the highest levels, we have a chance to in some way begin to change the structure responsible for the current devastating destruction of American principals and integrity. We’ve been force fed lie upon concept upon affiliation upon diversion. This election is our latest chance to help true Americans to reclaim power. True Americans are those who value the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. True Americans are those who realize that the principals put forth in those documents are not merely grandiose imagination, but absolute imperatives to maintaining freedom and equality.

Despite the claims that America was founded on Christianity,  it was actually founded on equality and freedom. A group of Christians have simply been successful at manipulating the masses into believing that instituting prejudice, hatred and a massive superiority complex are the pathway to social stature.


For a long time now, the Republican party in America, along with those who have supported GW Bush since 2000 (and especially those who, despite opposition to the Republican party previously, voted to re-elect GW simply  because we were at war) have pretended to revere the founding documents of the United States of America while at the same time weaving their own mythology into it. Explain to me how a political party that waves the Constitution over it’s head while violating it’s core ideals one by one, is re-elected? How do we accept the beliefs of a party that believes that America is the chosen land of Jesus Christ? Pomposity and arrogance simply drips off of them.


For some reason Americans are more than willing to support and encourage simplistic and ignorant answers to the complexities of the world. However, it may be possible to swing the country back to reason if people begin to realize that what they supported with primitive emotion instead of intellectual thought and reason could become the very fascist state we should all fear. As simple as it is to define ourselves by our original codes and documents, those papers we so easily profess to respect, more often than not we’ve chosen to do the opposite. There’s a group mentality in control in America, as there has been from the dawn of our founding. Present an idea that can spread easily among those who refuse to think it through, and the power of that national consensus can change history. We like to hang with the gang in power, even if we share absolutely no resemblance to them.


We see every day the control conservatism has managed to maintain over this country,  despite massive failures and incoherent leadership,. Forget that most of the actions of the current Republican administration sits in direct contrast to the Constitution and the principals of America. Forget that they say it doesn’t while the evidence flows right in front of them. They’ve truly become svengalis to lackadaisical masses. Why? The country has the largest deficit ever, gas prices soar while better technology isn’t being explored on a government level. Global warming is a lock with every reputable scientist on the planet, as is evolution, both denounced by GW.


Congress, while supporting raise after raise for themselves, still refuses to raise the minimum wage, despite the fact that there are 5 million more poor people in American than when Bush took office. Gay people still can’t get married in America based solely on religion, which the Constitution is very clear on keeping out of the laws of America. We’re at war with a country that didn’t attack us, and our soldiers are dying at increasingly higher rates while other dangerous countries thumb their noses at us, realizing we’re not as bright as we said we are. Abortion is being banned state by state, even in the case of rape or incest. Sex toys are being pulled out of adult stores in county after county on the basis of obscenity while the majority of those using them are upper class conservatives. Stem cell research is the only bill (the only one) that GW has vetoed in his term (while surrounded by children…no manipulation there folks), despite the overwhelming assertions by scientists that the research could easily lead to incredible breakthroughs in health and survival. Tax cuts are continually granted to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. Laws are changing so that the government will be able to take citizen’s property if they feel a shopping mall might be better in that location. Corporations are protected by this administration while the possibilities of citizen’s legal protections against the abuses of said corporations are being taken away. Torture is now defined as the President sees fit and the basic legal rights of all, Habeas Corpus, has been signed out of law. Americans like Cindy Sheehan and the Dixie Chicks have been demonized and threatened, held up by Republicans as the definition of anti-American and compared to terrorists, simply because they spoke their opinions, the free speech we’re supposedly guaranteed, but that Republicans don’t believe in. How do we elect and re-elect people to govern this country who are against free speech?


The Republican party, as it stands today, not only deserves no respect from the rest of us, it deserves to be stripped of it’s power. At any point during the control of this current Republican administration, American Republicans could have stood up and said, “wait a minute, now you’re going to far”, but they didn’t. At this point, there’s no turning back. They’ve done too much to be forgiven. The only power we have is in our vote.


This isn’t a joke anymore. When GW is out of office the next figurehead may choose to continue his game. We can begin to stop it now. Half of us can choose to be hateful and brain dead once again, or we can all decide that we now understand the difference between reality television and actual reality. We can remember what we all felt like on September 11th, 2001 and understand why that day made our founding principals all the more sacred. Anyone who votes Republican at this stage of the game simply isn’t paying attention. We have to stop pretending in America that there are two definitions for right and wrong. We have to stop pretending that all opinion is equal and we have to start believing that equality is not something you just talk about. We can be tools for politicians or we can be tools for ourselves and the principals of America.



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