Prop 8 – Nuts & Bolts Of The Gay Marriage Ballot Measure

ImageProposition 8 is the gay marriage ballot measure which will be voted on in November by Californians. If passed, it may nullify the California State Supreme Court ruling which legalized same sex marriage in the state.  Maybe…the problem is no one really knows what will happen.  I’ve discussed this with several people and there’s a lot of confusion. The California State Supreme Court has stated that if the Proposition passes, the court may be forced to step in to overturn it, if they decide, as they should, that voters cannot choose to deny one group of citizens equal rights. Will marriages sanctioned before the November election still be valid? That issue is unclear as well, but I found this article today on the Advocate website, and it does a good job addressing many of these questions and explaining the ins and outs of the issue. Read the story and learn the facts involved HERE


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