So you want to be fabulous? Earn it through kindness!

When you think fabulous;   someone with style, intelligence and a great sense of humor comes to mind.  But what about generosity?

Part of being fabulous is also being a socially invovled individual.  I see so many youth in my community prancing around in the season's styles singing "you must not know about me" with thier ipods and they think that earns them the fabulous title.  Theres more!

According to the California Center of Blood 97% of us will have friends or family members who benefit from blood donors.  Great looks and a sense of style is a gift, so give back by calling your local donation center and give blood.  I do it every December and its painless!  Why Decmeber?  Because its not only my birthday month but its also the holiday season when we're so consumed with price tags and name brands.  So many people in my life give me so much…its my way of giving back…do it…its FABULOUS!

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