Tower District Meeting

R0034754-702131On Wednesday, August 29th at the Gazebo Gardens parking lot Mr. Craig Scharton, Director, Downtown and Community Revitalization Department, City of Fresno addressed around 60 to 80 people about concerns and issues of Fresno’s Tower District citizens.  The meeting started at 6:00 p.m. and went until about 8:00 p.m.  Mr. Eskq Siipola of Code Enforcement took notes on large sheets.  Also speaking was Captain Greg Garner, Fresno Police Department, Southwest district (South of McKinley).  Officer Bridget Morgan, Community Service Officer with Crime Prevention was on hand as well as Scott Wilson and representatives of Neighborhood Watch/ Business Watch.

Mr. Scharton made comments that indicated his surprise that there was not an assessment district or other formal organization for the Tower District.  He indicated that it was quite rare to see just a Marketing Association.  He thought that was quite extraordinary.  Other communities usually for formal regulatory and/or assessment districts.

Below is the list that was written down identifying the concerns and issues the citizens of the Tower District community think should be addressed:
Mass text list, Reward system, Develop a group to clean/paint blighted properties, Resources for distressed properties, Police cameras, Graffiti, Skateboards on sidewalk, Signs left on poles, Form a Citizen’s Patrol, More Police presence, Neighborhood Watch, Gangs and hard core drugs, Reduce speeding, Value of recording P.D. calls, Report all crimes, Be a presence (walk around), Neighborhood contact lists, Resources for distribution, Bring back P. D. presence with old substation, Home invasions, Closing residential alleys, Panhandling, Business improvement association, Grocery card issue, Recycle bins, Too many people in one house, Quiet zones, Police response, Street light issue, A space for report writing, Networks (phone numbers), Yahoo groups, Facebook, Auto repairing, Barking dogs/noise, Media announcing crime trends, Organized effort for kids in school, Non FCC students and district, Slum lord issue, Code enforcement, Section 8 housing and leases, Banks and foreclosures, Human waste issues, Circle K problems, Boarding homes/mentally ill facilities, FCC parking permits, Illegal dumping/hazards in streets.

Mr. Scharton stressed the formation of organizations (including districts) that can work with local officials that would take on addressing these issues and offering real time solutions.  Mr. Scharton and the others reminded everyone that it takes commitment and labor to get the problems solved of the community.  Captain Garner mentioned the loss of support and officers with the budget cuts and his duty to re-proprieties emergency calls and assign what officers are available to serve the community the best.  He also covered the role of the air service.  Captain Garner announced the phone numbers of important resources.  The P. D. non-emergency is 621-7000, Fresno City College police 442-8201, Neighborhood Watch/Business Watch 226-7585, Captain Garner 621-6101, Captain Mike Reed, North West District (North of McKinley) 621-6501, Code Enforcement 621-8484 and Officer Morgan 621-6126.  There were a number of hand outs available as well as several sign-up sheets for those interested in doing more than just talking.  Call the Revitalization Department for more information 621-8352.  Access on the internet is at www.fresno.gov/downtown.


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