Marriage Equality USA Launches “20 Million More” Campaign

20MillionMarriage Equality USA has announced The Campaign for 20 Million More a coalition to win the freedom to marry & defeat anti equality ballot initiatives in election 2012. Brian Silva, MEUSA Executive Director stated, “This fall, over 20 million Americans will be affected by decisions surrounding marriage equality.

We can all recall the joy & excitement felt by millions last spring when New York passed state-level marriage equality. Today, Marriage Equality USA is taking a bold step to help spread that joy across the nation by launching The Campaign for 20 Million More.”

Stuart Gaffney, MEUSA Media Director added, “Voters are going to the ballot box in November to vote on marriage rights in Washington, Maine, Minnesota & Maryland. Marriage Equality USA members nationwide are eager to join grassroots efforts, both locally & in these four states, to share our personal stories with voters so they understand that our marriages mean the world to us & our families.”

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